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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi





































































































Tapping ever so lightly

It enshrouds the world in mist-ery

In a drenched cloak

Removed of time and place

It beckons forth the memories

Lingering deep within my mind


Now only the rain and I

Exist in the black of night

In one solemn mesmerizing trance

of droplets relentlessly tapping

and streaking the cold pane

in gentle perpetuum

lulling my mind

into a solitary

state of contemplation


deep into my mind

the rain sends me

like a blissful slumber

cut off from the world

I am in communion

With the elements

In communion

with those parts of me

which are hidden

by the bright sting of day


on the rain continues

like small streams

flowing across my windshield

gushing from the car roof

pattering endlessly on the wet pavement


on the rain continues

washing away my pain

washing away the pain

of the world


through the paths

it weaves

down the road

through the grooves

and trenches it has formed

into the flowing, now rushing brook

all is forgotten

all is washed away

it cleanses and cleanses and cleanses

until morning

the world will spring afresh

leaves growing with dew

birds rustling the rain drenched branches

and creatures scurrying

under the glistening leaves

where nary a trace

of the night before

is wrought



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