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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi


































































































Lay Us Bare


What is the fear

of the inward stare?

that time and truth

should lay us bare?

that who we are

should be unveiled?

of what we conspire

of where we’ve failed?

that ever aspiration

should be exposed?

that every truth

should be disclosed?


Alas I say

the greatest strength

is not from might

but inward sight

the hardest lesson

that we can learn

is to admit who we are

and of what we yearn


to undress ourselves

completely bare

like frightened children

in public stare

we scurry for shelter

for self-protection

for fear of our own

deepest inner insurrection


the terror of the inward plight

is the solace of

the wiseman’s delight


oh yes

we hide behind

this darkened glass

a fearful flight

from hidden past


but cowards are those

who fear to tread

into their deepest selves

they once thought dead


every outward weapon is thrust

out of fear of exposing

this hidden trust




Copyright Eric Wasiolek 1994

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